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Action Black 2 Butt 2 Shaft Soft Case


Action Black 2 Butt 2 Shaft Soft Case

$71.10 $79.00

Most things look best in black, which is good because that's the only color this case comes in. Most pool players don't need a case that carries more than 2 butts and 2 shafts, which is good because that's exactly what the ACSC09 by Action provides. This embossed leather-look-vinyl case features an adjustable shoulder strap, an accessories pocket, and a longer pocket that's perfect for your jump butt. It’s an ideal case for heading down to your local bar for a “practice session”.

Action Cue Cases
Colors: Black
Material: Vinyl
Pockets: 1 16" zipper pocket with a jump butt zippered pocket, 1 5" pocket with velcro
Strap: Shoulder Strap
Length: Fits up to 31" Shaft
Lining: Black padded cloth
Direction: Shaft inserts either direction
Butt: Butt inserts either direction

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