Eight Ball Mafia EBM22J Blue Octopus 2 Butt 2 Shaft Hard Case

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Eight Ball Mafia durable 2 butts and 2 shafts hard case. The case is blue with a black octopus weaving its way around with a large skull in the middle. The case has both a top handle and a should strap for carrying, one small pocket for accessories and a larger pocket that you can use for your jump butt.


Eight Ball Mafia Cue Cases
Colors: Blue, with black octopus and skull
Shape: Oval
Material: Vinyl
Top Pocket: 7" Long x 3.75" Wide.
Bottom Pocket:   14" Long x 4" Wide
Base: 6.5" Wide with black plastic feet
Length: 33.5" Long,  Fits up to 31" Shaft
Structure: Poured Rubber Mold Casing
Lining: Felt
Direction: Shaft inserts either direction
Butt: Butt Inserts either direction
Strap: 1" Wide Vinyl Strap
Weight: 2.10 LBS