Elite ECNC35 Nexus Chrome 3x5

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Boom! Everything about this case screams “look at me!” and that’s exactly why we love it! The shiny chrome vinyl guarantees that you’ll stand out as you walk into the pool hall, but this case isn’t all just flash. Modeled after one of Elite’s most popular case models, this case has everything you need. It has enough storage for 3 butts and 5 shafts, massive storage pockets with and a separate zippered pocket for your jump butt. Let your case distract while you finish ‘em off at the table!

Elite Pool Cue Cases
Color: Shiny Chrome vinyl case
Shape: Oval
Material: Vinyl
Top Pocket: 4" Long x 3.5" Wide.
Bottom Pocket:   16" Long x 3,5" Wide
Specials Separate access for cues - Zippered shaft closure and quick snap butt closure
Length: 33.5" Long,  Fits up to 32" Shaft
Structure: Poured Rubber Mold Casing
Weight: 4 lbs
Direction: Shaft inserts either direction
Butt: Butt Inserts either direction
Strap: 1" Wide Vinyl Strap
Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer