Elite Prime 2x4 Hard Case

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If you like the look and features of the ECP22 case, but need to carry additional shafts, the Elite ECP24 spring loaded tube style case is the perfect choice.

This black leather case carries two butts and four shafts up to 30-inches in length, offering great protection for your cues. Two spacious pockets, carrying handles and a shoulder strap add value to this reasonably priced case.

Elite Pool Cue Cases
Colors: Black
Shape: Oval
Material: Leather
Pockets: 2, the longer pocket is 14" in length
Base: Black plastic feet
Length: Fits up to 30" shaft
Structure: Poured rubber mold casing
Lining: Felt/soft cloth
Direction: Shaft inserts tip down
Butt: Butt inserts pin down
Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer