Elkadart Storm Soft Tip Red Rings 16gm

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Call upon the fury of the elements and rain terror down onto your hapless opponents when you bring the Elkadart Storm Soft Tip Darts, designed for use with either electronic dart boards or most sisal dart boards. These darts are packed with features starting with the barrel, fashioned from specially coated metal alloy. Constructing the darts in this fashion allows us to bring you tough, weighted barrels without breaking the bank. Used in construction for its high end appearance and durability at a lower cost, we use this alloy to provide the highest quality barrels at the best cost to you. Each barrel possesses recessed rings, allowing your grip to remain precise throw after throw. The Storm Darts feature tough, lightweight aluminum shafts. These shafts feature locking holes that allow a more secure fit to your barrel; you won’t find yourself re-tightening these shafts after a shot or two. Finally, each dart is finished off with devastating lightning designs adorning each flight, for an elemental look on each dart. Each set includes three flights, three shafts, three 2 BA Tufflex II Tips and a slim dart case.

  • Coated alloy barrels have a rugged durability and smooth styling to match.
  • Front-weighted barrels feature rings to enhance grip that remains consistent throw after throw.
  • Aluminum Shafts feature locking holes, the most secure way to fasten shafts to barrels and improve stability.
  • Custom 100 micron flights feature the fierce lightning graphics, an intimidating sight! The extra thick flights will stand up to harsh throws as well.
  • Includes three 100 micron flights, three aluminum shafts, three 2 BA Tufflex II tips, and a slim dart case.

Product Details

Length: 6.1 in
Dart Barrel Material: Alloy
Dart Barrel Length: 1.896 in
Dart Barrel Min Diameter: 0.249 in
Dart Barrel Max Diameter: 0.312 in
Dart Shaft Material: Aluminum
Dart Shaft Length: 1.977 in
Dart Tip Length: 1.151 in
Warranty: 90 days