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 The next generation of home electronic dartboards.

 Use your own Phone, Tablet, Android, or Smart TV (device) to display the graphics

 Easily download the GRAN BOARD application. The board is connected to your device via Bluetooth 4.0 or higher

 Runs on 2 AA Batteries, USB Cord for LED Lights around the rim

 Plays Cricket, 01 Games, Count-Up, Half It, Animal Battle (vs. Computer)

 9 Levels of Play against the computer

 Acoustic absorbent material in all 82 segments and 740 holes in a high-density backboard make the dartboard exceptionally quiet.

 Registers darts that hit the outer scoring area of the board.

 New games will be added with free application upgrades

 Dimensions: 22 ½ Inches X 22 ½ inches x 1 5/8 inches   Weight: 6 pounds

 Package includes: Power Cord, Hanging Instructions and screws

 Engineered in Japan, Made in China


****NOTE**** All Grandboard Warranties are through Gran themselves, please contact Gran support if any issues occur.