Laserdart Silver Widow Soft Tip Dart #1 Ringed

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Comparing the “Widow”...Black, Gold or Silver 

CONSTRUCTION: The manufacturing process begins with a billet of high-density 90% pure tungsten. First, the billet is center-ground and shaped. Then, the point and shaft cavities are drilled and threaded. The barrel design gives you the best of both worlds… Slightly front-weighted for stability and increased accuracy and a slim profile for more precise dart patterns. The process of applying grooves or knurling (for grip and release) is now begun. After all tooling is completed, the barrel is rechecked for proper weight. 
COATINGS: Darts are normally coated by painting or baking the substance onto the barrel. “Widows” are vapor-coated in high heat furnaces that fuse mixtures of titanium/tantalum nitride and titanium carbide gas to the tungsten barrel. Each barrel receives three different coatings before the process is completed. These multi-layered coatings, in Black or Gold, provide an ultra- hard “textured” finish for both unmatched gripping qualities and a starling appearance. The SIlver WIdow with NO coating for those players who want a friction-free release. 
STYLES: Grooved or Grooved/Knurled models 
SHAFTS/FLIGHTS: Soft Tip “Widows” are supplied with the exclusive Condor Zero-Stress Widow flight & shaft system. 
LIFETIME GUARANTEE on each barrel. (Coatings not guaranteed against normal wear.)

Available in 16, 18, and 20 gram weights… with 2BA tips. 

Presented in a Deluxe case with extra flights, shafts, tips, and a Dart Mechanic tool. 
Made in the U.S.A. 
There are darts... There are good darts... and there are WIDOWS!

  • High-Density 90% Tungsten Barrel
  • Slim Front-Weighted Design
  • "Back-Cut" Grooved For Grip
  • No Coatings... Friction Free
  • Weights: 16, 18 & 20 gm

MSRP: $101.00