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Lumacore Wide


Lumacore Wide


The Viper Lumacore Flights are the latest innovation in flight design. Built for quality, the Lumacore Flights are 100 microns thick to prevent bending and splitting. Our artists have spent countless hours perfecting the Lumacore’s meticulously crafted pattern. The spectacular 3D diamonds are accented by translucent outlines of color that you can match to your darts or case. Watch the flight’s spectacular design in flight!

  • Meticulously designed pattern brings a new flair to your dart game
  • Three-Dimensional diamond pattern adds texture to catch the eye
  • Available in numerous colors for extensive customization
  • 100 micron construction gives high strength and durability

Product Details

Length: 1.6 in
Width: 1.25 in
Height: 0.03 in
Weight: 0.01 lbs

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