Play Your Best Nine Ball Paperback

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Play Your Best Nine Ball is the most comprehensive book on the game ever published. This 480-page book provides you with 470 illustrations that make it easy to learn the game's shots and strategies. Over 140 of the shots were taken from the world's leading professionals in tournament competition. Accurate shotmaking is a must in Nine Ball, so you are shown which shots you must master and how to adapt your fundamentals to Nine Ball. A big chapter on the break, the most important shot in Nine Ball, includes sequence photos of Johnny Archer's break. Over 90 illustrations teach you the position routes you need to know to send the cue ball anywhere on the table. The chapter on pattern play shows you how to plan your run outs. You will also learn how to read the table and break clusters. The run outs of nine world-class players are then analyzed, shot by shot. The book provides you with an in depth course on strategy. Advice is tailored to your current level of play with the ABC system for rating players. In addition, there are lengthy chapters on safety play and the kicking game. A big chapter on practicing Nine Ball shows you what to practice and how to develop a practice routine.