QKS Militia 1x1 Hard Case

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The QKS name is synonymous with two things: Sleek design and high quality. With those in mind, here we have their newest 1x1 case; the faux leather of this case has a deep, rich color to it and is tooled to a smooth, matte finish. Inside is a thick, soft felt dividing wall, ensuring that your cue is always safe from damage. And all that sits atop five stainless steel feet. It may not be the largest case, but it's certainly one of the most striking.

Due to manufacturer’s restrictions, we can only ship QK-S cases within the United States.

QKS Billiards Cases
Color Black or Brown
Shape  Rectangular 
Material  Vinyl Faux Leather 
Pockets  None 
Base  Five Stainless Steel feet 
Length  34" long, holds up to 33" shaft 
Structure  Thick Felt divider 
Lining  Black Felt 
Direction of Shaft  Inserts either direction 
Direction of Butt  Inserts either direction