Rubber O-Rings (Dart Washers) 2BA 6 Count

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In order to take your dart game to the next level, the little things become the focus of your improvement. In order to maximize the perfect trajectory of your darts, minimizing movement is a crucial step. For dart shafts that are not fully secured to their barrels, they can become loose over time, and cause your flight path to wobble. This can throw off your aim and darts won’t go where you intend them to. To prevent shafts from loosening, O-Rings are the perfect solution. They simply slide onto the threads of your shaft and once you begin to tighten them, you’ll find a more secure fit. You’ll find no need to retighten after just a few throws with O-Rings!

  • Ensure that your dart shafts never come loose when you use O-Rings.
  • A tight fitting shaft reduces wobbling and movement for a perfect flight path every time.
  • Includes 6 O-Rings