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Scorpion GRP02 Pool Cue


Scorpion GRP02 Pool Cue

$168.30 $187.60

Looking for a cue made for one of the greatest pool players of all time? Scorpion showed Johnny Archer all the new 2010 models and he immediately latched on to this one. We're not sure if its the new elastic polymer grip or the bumble bee yellow that got his attention, but of the 11 new cues in the 2010 Scorpion line, this was by far his favorite. 

If you know Scorpion, you know what you're getting with this cue. Solid construction, a fiberglass coated shaft and a ding and warp resistant shaft are all standard with Scorpion cues. The one big difference though is the grip. The new sport grip is just unreal. If grip slip is an issue, you want to try this out.

Scorpion Pool Cues
Tip: 13mm Water Buffalo
Ferrule: 1" Fiber
Shaft: 29" Fiberglass Bonded Hardrock Maple 13" Pro Taper
Collar: Stainless Steel
Pin: 3/8x14
Forearm: Yellow with Black Scorpion
Rings: Silver Rings
Wrap: Black and Yellow Sport Grip
Sleeve: Yellow with Black Scorpion
Plate: Black
Bumper: Black rubber
Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer
Additional Info: Includes Joint protectors
Weight Adjustable: Yes, with the Scorpion Weight Bolt

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