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This pool cue is full of sharp contrasts, the perfect character of attitude. The shaft is pure hardrock maple and includes fiberglass bonding for an extra layer of protection. The forearm design is a desert of rough cracking stone done in a multitude of grays, upon which a tribal scorpion sits in a deep ebony color. This design is duplicated down the sleeve of this pool cue in a smaller design. The silver Scorpion insignia has been added to this piece, the silver complimenting the white. 

The Scorpion SCO108 includes a 13mm Water Buffalo tip and stainless steel butt plate along with silver rings and a black bumper. This cue also includes joint protectors, is weight adjustable and carries a one year manufacturer's warranty

Scorpion Pool Cues
Tip: 13 mm Water Buffalo
Ferrule: Fiber Ferrule
Shaft: 29" Fiberglass Bonded Hardrock Maple
Collar: Stainless Steel
Pin: 3/8 x 14
Forearm: Black and grey Scorpion design with small silver Scorpion logo
Rings: Silver Rings
Wrap: None
Sleeve: Black and Grey Scorpion design
Plate: Stainless steel
Bumper: Black rubber
Additional Info: Includes Joint protectors
Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer
Weight Adjustable: Yes, with the Scorpion Weight Bolt

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