Shot Tribal Weapon 4 Soft Tip Darts

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Always swift, now more deadly. The Tribal Weapon 4 is forged from the finest 90% Tungsten. which goes through our intensive 7-stage process to achieve its precision finish and a grip like your father in law. Honed with a wider take on our trusted scallop, a swift and deadly axial shark grip gives you better grip and push release, for consistent throws, especially for the front thrower. It's armoured with an ultra-durable, sleek black titanium nitride coating, re-machined for strength and beauty. Barrel Design: This dart is designed with a tapered nose with both the Shot Darts signature pyramid grip and an axial grip to enhance feel and grip during play. The dart then scallops up to a flat section with a featured axial grip that enhances the grip and provides no slip. The barrel finishes with a small taper which serves as a lead in point for the Scallop. Ideal for all throwers but mainly suited towards front thrower.