Shot Viking Shield Maiden Soft Tip Darts

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Stand Your Ground! Proud and upright, the Viking Shield Maiden never refuses a challenge to defend her tribe. Backed with the strength of the mighty Shot Darts Siege interlocking grip and finished in blazing colours, this Maiden is ready for the power and the glory of the battle. This versatile 90% Tungsten front weighted dart set has three clear grip zones in two grip styles. Its radial shaped no-slip ringed grip nose has excellent grouping and high score potential, with the decorative mark of the Shield-Maiden serving as an alternative reference-point. The midsection of the barrel features the mighty Viking ‘Siege’ interlocking grip, finished with a ring gripped straight tail which is suitable for those who use a rear grip. A rich, highly reflective Violet PCT colour coating finishes the barrel, reflecting the base sheen of the tungsten at only microns thick with stunning results.