Spinster™ Aluminum Shaft

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Lightweight aluminum shaft with a metallic anodized finish. Optimize the flight path of your throws when you select a shaft that compliments your throwing style. Select the shortest shaft that is comfortable to you to minimize any errant movement and stay on target! Trademark spinster tops allow the flights to move out of the way as your darts enter the board - this way you can group your darts close together without fear of bouncing out!

  • Solid lightweight aluminum construction provides long-lasting durability.
  • Compatible with 2 BA threads, the most commonly used connection for high quality darts.
  • Spinster top allows dart flights to rotates out of the way of incoming darts to prevent bounce outs.
  • A myriad of colors available to customize the look of your darts.
  • Locking hole allows you to fasten the shaft as tight as possible, to prevent your darts from wobbling mid flight.
  • Comes in 2 sizes:  Medium and Short