Viper Jackal Tungsten Steel Tip Darts In Wallet 24 Grams

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Track down your prey and secure the kill with the Viper Jackal Steel Tip Darts designed for use with sisal dart boards. These darts are packed with features starting with the barrel, fashioned from 80% Tungsten and 20% Nickel. Tungsten is a very dense metal, able to create slimmer darts with the same weight as lighter metals; this allows for tighter shot groupings without sacrificing control, increasing your scores. Tungsten is a sign of quality and durability as well because of its density. A higher tungsten content will produce a slimmer dart profile than one with less. More tungsten in the dart increases the price as tungsten is a rare metal and its density takes more effort to machine. The increased price gives a higher quality barrel and can improve performance, increasing scores. Each sleek, aerodynamic, barrel enjoys knurled bands, allowing your grip to remain consistent throw after throw. The Jackal Darts feature tough, lightweight Silver Aluminum Shafts, unique to the Jackal Darts. These shafts feature locking holes that allow a more secure fit to your barrel; you won’t find yourself retightening these shafts after a shot or two. These sleek darts are finished off with savage Jackal graphics on each wide glide flight. Each set includes six wide glide flights, three Silver Aluminum shafts, and a flexible holster dart case. The holster case is the perfect solution to transporting your darts without flattening your flights, giving them a much longer lifespan, and ensuring that your darts are ready to throw when you need them.

  • 80% Tungsten Barrels have a slim profile, allowing for tighter grouping of shots which increase scoring.
  • Knurled barrel with grooves and rings provides an excellent and consistent grip throw after throw.
  • Unique Silver Aluminum Shafts feature locking holes, the most secure way to fasten shafts to barrels and improve stability.
  • Keep darts protected with a holster case, featuring a slim flexible profile that is easy to transport.
  • Includes wide glide flights, three silver aluminum shafts, and a flexible holster dart case.

Product Details

Length: 6.25 in
Dart Barrel Material: Tungsten
Dart Shaft Length: 2.021 in
Dart Tip Length: 1.047 in
Warranty: Limited lifetime