Viper The Freak Steel Tip Darts Knurled and Grooved Barrel 22 Grams

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Get into your opponent’s head and let you weird side out with the Viper Freak Steel Tip Darts designed for use with sisal dart boards. These darts are packed with features starting with the barrel, fashioned from nickel silver alloy. Constructing the darts in this fashion allows us to bring you tough, weighted barrels without breaking the bank. Nickel silver is an alloy that has been used in construction for its durability and great looking style, while maintain a lower cost. We use this alloy to provide the highest quality barrels at the best costs to you. Each barrel enjoys hand painted rings, heavily knurled bands and ridgeback fins, allowing your grip to remain consistent throw after throw. Included in this package is a tip shaping stone. After tons of throws, your dart tips can accrue burrs and imperfections, the shaping stone helps to correct them and get you back to throwing in no time. The Freak Darts feature tough, lightweight Convex Nylon Shafts. Finally, each dart is finished off with the Freak graphics adorning each flight, for an eccentric look. Each set includes three extra flights, three extra nylon shafts, a dart mechanic repair tool and a slim case.

  • Nickel plated alloy barrels provide best bang for the buck with high strength and smooth styling.
  • Evenly weighted barrels feature hand-painted rings and heavy knurling to ensure that your hand positioning is consistent throw after throw.
  • Polypro flights feature peculiar Freak graphics that will certainly make you darts stand out while serving to ensure that your darts fly true.
  • Includes a shaping stone to keep your dart tips free of burrs and imperfections to keep them sharp!
  • Includes six flights, six convex nylon shafts, dart mechanic repair tool, tip shaping stone and a slim dart case.

Product Details

Length: 6.0 in
Dart Barrel Material: Nickel Silver
Dart Barrel Length: 1.974 in
Dart Barrel Min Diameter: 0.252 in
Dart Barrel Max Diameter: 0.365 in
Dart Shaft Length: 1.945 in
Dart Tip Length: 1.001 in
Warranty: Limited lifetime