Voodoo VODC22A Bleeding Heart 2x2

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This 2 butt, 2 shaft case features some vivid red dripping blood from the lid down past the zipper and over the first pocket. Beneath that, this case is midnight black with some awesome stitched designs in the shape of the Voodoo heart, larger stitches, and, of course, the Voodoo logo!

Despite its grim appearance, this case is made to keep your cues safe and sound and features felt lining in all of its tubes!


Voodoo Pool Cue Cases
Shape: Oval
Material: Vinyl
Top Pockets: 6" Long X 4" Wide
Bottom Pocket: 14" Long X 4" Wide
Case Length: 34" Long
Structure: Separate Molded Tubes
Lining: Felt
Shaft Direction: Shaft inserts either direction
Butt Direction: Butt inserts either direction
Fits Up to: 30" Shaft
Strap: 1" Wide Adjustable Vinyl Strap
Weight: 2.10 LBS